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What is a Complex Sentence?

What is a Complex Sentence? A complex sentence is a sentence that contains an independent clause and one or more dependent clauses. An independent clause can stand alone as a sentence, but a dependent clause even though it has a subject... Continue Reading →

What is Static Electricity?

What is Static Electricity? Properly called ‘Electrostatics’, Static Electricity is a build-up of electric charge on an object that ‘jumps’ to earth through contact with a conductor (like a human hand) causing a short ‘shock’. All you needed? Let’s practice!... Continue Reading →

What is BODMAS?

What is BODMAS? BODMAS (or sometimes BIDMAS) is a simple acronym that helps you remember the order in which to solve calculations. Sometimes calculations can get a little more complicated than 2+2! For example, what would you do if you were... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Educational Netflix Shows for Kids

EdPlace's Top 10 Educational Kids Shows on UK Netflix Ah, the 'Netflix babysitter' - Praise be! Technological distractions are sometimes a much-needed godsend. Ever tried to get 3 different dinners ready with 5 kids around your ankles/constantly asking you questions?... Continue Reading →

Learning the 7 x Table: Hacks, tips & tricks

Learning the 7 x table is vital for mathematics. They may be a chore to learn and practice, but believe us, once learnt, they will stick you for life. Times Tables save you time, energy and give support to all... Continue Reading →

How Do Fireworks Work?

Ask anyone what they like best about bonfire night, and I bet it will be this; Fireworks! Aren’t they amazing? So much colour, so much noise, so much happening – an excellent display entirely involves you. But, how does it... Continue Reading →

What are Powerful Verbs? | Powerful Verbs Explained

What are Powerful Verbs? Powerful verbs are more descriptive verbs that can really make a huge difference to your writing. Verbs are, very basically, doing words. They describe an action (run), a mental action (dream) or a state of being... Continue Reading →

Halloween Activities for all the Family

Recently, Halloween has exploded in popularity here in the UK, and it’s not hard to see why - Pumpkins, sweets, fancy-dress parties...what’s not to love? And with it’s new found fame, comes an overwhelming number of themed activities that your... Continue Reading →

What is Sound? | Sound Explained

What is Sound? Quick soundbite: it’s the vibration of particles that move from where the sound was made to where you hear it (your ear), usually through the air. Sound Explained Hello? Did you hear that?  No? HELLOOO! Did you... Continue Reading →

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