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What are square numbers: Square numbers explained

What are square numbers? When you multiply a whole number (not a fraction) by itself, the result is a square number. For example 3 x 3 = 9. Nine is the square of three multiplied by itself. Square numbers explained... Continue Reading →

NEW! English, Maths and Science Assessments

Today is an exciting day for us here at EdPlace. We’ve reached an important milestone on our quest to help improve each child’s grades, and we have some exciting news to share with you all. As a team, we’re always... Continue Reading →

EdPlace Q&A with Adam Muckle, President of The Tutors’ Association

EdPlace Q&A with The Tutors' Association President

English BOOST – Secondary

Enhance your English with these helpful pointers.

English BOOST – Primary

This English BOOST means you'll be the top-of-the-class when it comes to homophones!

Science BOOST – Primary

Use this Science BOOST to become a know-it-all of rocks, mixtures and air resistance!

Maths BOOST – Secondary

If ratio and proportion isn't your thing, it sure will be after this Maths BOOST!

Maths BOOST – Primary

This Maths BOOST will get your times tables learnt off-by-heart!

Science BOOST – Secondary

Use this Science BOOST to become a wiz at cells, respiration, chemical equations and more this summer!

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