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NEW! English, Maths and Science Assessments

Today is an exciting day for us here at EdPlace. We’ve reached an important milestone on our quest to help improve each child’s grades, and we have some exciting news to share with you all.

As a team, we’re always looking for ways to improve our service and ensure your child is well on their way to achieving their full potential, so naturally we’re pretty excited about this new addition!

We’re delighted to announce that our new assessments for English, Maths and Science are now live!

Our new assessments are progress checkers, not tests, that give you increased visibility of your child’s progress within their current year or key stage. We’ll be using these as checkpoints to help identify areas where your child may need more support, effectively guiding them on a personalised learning journey.

Thanks to this new feature, we’ll have a better understanding of the topics your child should focus on. Oh, and if you’re using our auto-assign feature, we’ll automatically assign worksheets based on their scores. Check out the example below for more details on how this works.

Screen grab_assessment

The above example shows an assessment results page for a Year 6 English student. Overall, they’ve done incredibly well, however we know that with a little extra help and focus, they can do even better.

As you can see, the score is broken down by topic. For this student we would assign worksheets in Writing, Vocabulary and Word Meaning to help increase their understanding of these topics.

We’re incredibly excited about this new feature, and we hope that both you and your child enjoy using it on your EdPlace Journey – our mission is to help your child succeed!

All the best,

The EdPlace Team

NEW! Assessments help guide your child’s learning journey

Today is an exciting milestone for us on our quest to help improve each individual child’s grades and our mission to become the most trusted partner for parents with the biggest impact on their child’s education. Continue reading “NEW! Assessments help guide your child’s learning journey”

Make it fridge worthy

Thanks to our brilliant parents and their brilliant ideas, we’ve created some fun and fantastic certificates for you to use at home.

Alongside our badges and rewards, here’s a great way to showcase your child’s achievements – print, share, save, send and hang up on your refrigerator!

Keep your child motivated with a bit of encouragement and recognition. It’s a great way to keep them engaged in their learning!

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Oxford Brookes University Project: Laurie Smart shares his experience


EdPlace worked with the marketing students at Oxford Brookes University currently taking the Marketing Communications Campaign course. The students’ assignment was to develop a marketing communications campaign to help promote EdPlace to parents during the revision period.

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The 2016 Year in Review

2016 has been a fantastic year for EdPlace and there is a lot to be proud of. We’ve put together a short infographic to share some exciting EdPlace events and student achievements from 2016. Continue reading “The 2016 Year in Review”

EdPlace wins ‘Website of the Year 2016’ Award

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Make this summer a learning adventure

EdPlace’s Summer Camp is designed to help your children turn their summer adventures into a learning experience. Our teachers and parent blogger partners have created activities for you and your child themed around Maths, English and Science…. and it’s FREE!  Continue reading “Make this summer a learning adventure”

NEW! Maths Tutorial Videos

We’re very excited to introduce our new online Maths tutorial videos, available to all our customers through the student account.

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Available now: Auto Assign improvements and Auto-save on worksheets

Why do you use EdPlace? For a lot of parents it’s about convenience – supporting your students’ education at a time and place that works for you. We’re always looking for ways to help parents achieve this and we’re glad to announce two new features that we think will make using EdPlace even more flexible. Continue reading “Available now: Auto Assign improvements and Auto-save on worksheets”

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