English BOOST – Secondary

So the Summer Holidays are here and it is time to recap on all the wonderful Englishy things that you have learnt this academic year. This blog is designed to ensure that anything that you have found challenging can be worked on over the summer so that you are ready to apply them with confidence next academic year. 

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English BOOST – Primary

Ever read a friend’s Facebook post or colleagues email and been shocked that they couldn’t spell ‘where’ or ‘their’ or ‘two’ correctly? Did their misspelling leave a bad impression? Are you determined that this will not happen to your children?

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Science BOOST – Primary


OK, so summer is here – yay!  What’s been the best sciency thing you’ve done this year?  Has there been a worst??  Whatever, science is everywhere, it’s all around you and especially in the things you love the most (yes, really!),

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Maths BOOST – Secondary

The summer holidays stretch ahead of us with September seeming a gloriously long way off. 5 or 6 weeks is a long time to be away from the classroom though and all the learning activities provided within a school setting. But all is not lost. 

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Maths BOOST – Primary

So the pressure is on! Children are now expected to have memorised their times tables by the age of nine and maths assessments are moving towards more challenging, more traditional approaches of arithmetic and mathematical reasoning.

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Science BOOST – Secondary

Great news! Summer’s here … well maybe, as long as those clouds lift and the temperature gets above 20oC!  So, that’s another year under your belt – was it a belter or a bit of a cringer?

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