Here are our top tips for writing winning essays:

  • Check weighting and timing for the question first to ensure there is enough time for planning and writing all sections.
  • Sketch out, using bullet points and single words or phrases, a clear beginning, middle and end and how long you will give yourself to write each section.
  • Use essay introductions to creatively signpost what the essay will be about, make sure you’ve read and fully understood the question carefully before writing this section. Beware only answering part of the question.
  • The middle part of the essay needs to contain opinions and comparisons backed up with evidence – in English, a good bank of quotes from set texts is essential here.
  • The conclusion should summarise the thrust of the argument and ram home how the essay has answered the question. A strong and thought-provoking ending scores well with examiners.
  • Build in time at the end to check back over the essay carefully and correct any grammatical errors.