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What are reflex angles?

What are Reflex Angles? A reflex angle is the larger angle, it’s always more than 180° (half a circle) but less than 360°  (A full circle). It’s possibly the most confusing of the angles because it’s always on the outside.... Continue Reading →

Learning Hacks: The bus stop method

What is the bus stop method? The bus stop method is a simple way to divide. Children will usually be taught this method in year 5 or 6. It is sometimes known as short division or short-hand division. Top Tip;... Continue Reading →

What is the Earth’s crust?

What is the Earth's crust? The Earth’s Crust – what’s that about?  I mean, are we talking thin crust, deep crust or stuffed crust?  Well, basically, it’s the outer layer of the planet – the rocks that make up the... Continue Reading →

What is a Habitat?

What is a habitat? What is a habitat?! A habitat is where something lives – animal, plant, toadstool, whatever – and it must provide food, shelter and the right conditions to reproduce – to make lots of little animals, plants,... Continue Reading →

What is direct speech?

What is direct speech? Direct speech is writing down or reporting the actual words that were said by a speaker; “I’m looking forward to playing football on Saturday,” Max said. What is indirect speech? Indirect speech, sometimes known as reported... Continue Reading →

What are fronted adverbials?

What are Fronted Adverbials? Fronted adverbials, put simply, are the words or phrases at the beginning of the sentence to describe the action that follows; As soon as she could, Tracey ran out to play. (time) Occasionally, Mum would allow... Continue Reading →

EdPlace English, maths and science assessments

Key stage 1, 2, 3, 4 English, maths and science assessments

14 family-friendly activities for the holidays

The Christmas holidays have arrived! And for many of us, approximately two weeks of family fun lies ahead. So in the spirit of preparation, we've listed 14 festive-themed activities (one for each day, give or take) that everyone in the family... Continue Reading →

What is the highest common factor?

What is the highest common factor? The highest common factor of two numbers is the largest whole number which is a factor of both. This can sometimes also be called the Greatest Common Factor (GCF). Factors are whole numbers we... Continue Reading →

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