Make this summer a learning adventure

EdPlace’s Summer Camp is designed to help your children turn their summer adventures into a learning experience. Our teachers and parent blogger partners have created activities for you and your child themed around Maths, English and Science…. and it’s FREE!  Continue reading “Make this summer a learning adventure”

Summer learning loss – not for my child!


The school holidays are upon us and kids around the country rejoice – no more school for 6 weeks. They look forward to wonderful long sunny days full of fun and games but what is the real educational impact of not having classes for so long? Continue reading “Summer learning loss – not for my child!”

Getting to grips with SATs in 2016 – and how EdPlace can help

This May, pupils in Year 2 and Year 6 will be sitting the new-style SATs for the first time, and as a parent it can be hard to know the best way to support them. With EdPlace you know you have a trusted online education partner to help your child achieve his or her potential. Continue reading “Getting to grips with SATs in 2016 – and how EdPlace can help”

NEW! Maths Tutorial Videos

We’re very excited to introduce our new online Maths tutorial videos, available to all our customers through the student account.

Continue reading “NEW! Maths Tutorial Videos”

Healthy Food vs Junk Food Infographics – Eddie’s Advice

EdPlace has joined the World Health Day campaign which is a global health awareness day, celebrated on 7th April. This year’s goal is to increase awareness about the rise in diabetes. Our educational campaign helps parents and their children understand the importance of eating a healthy diet as it can reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Continue reading “Healthy Food vs Junk Food Infographics – Eddie’s Advice”

3 Healthy School Lunch Box Ideas and the Science Behind Them

Packing school lunches is a chore no one enjoys. It’s easy to resort to processed food but with some easy changes, you can magic them into tasty, healthy meals your kids will love. Our guest blogger, Dr Orlena Kerek – paediatric doctor and mother of 4 young children – suggests healthy lunch box ideas, helpful tips and educational facts parents can share with their children. Continue reading “3 Healthy School Lunch Box Ideas and the Science Behind Them”

Q&A with EdPlace’s English Teacher, Ms Brown

Ms Brown has made a list of the top questions parents have asked her as a teacher when it comes to revising and having more visibility to what your child is currently learning. Here are a few of the questions and answers that you may have to help decode some of the anxiety around revision. Continue reading “Q&A with EdPlace’s English Teacher, Ms Brown”

What’s all the fuss about Shakespeare?

He’s brought us plays about kings, murderers, ship-wrecks, fairies, star-crossed lovers, mistaken identities and a bear. He wrote poems and built a theatre. He is part of our culture: “Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?” We all recognise these famous words but there is more to Shakespeare than some famous lines from his plays. Continue reading “What’s all the fuss about Shakespeare?”

Available now: Auto Assign improvements and Auto-save on worksheets

Why do you use EdPlace? For a lot of parents it’s about convenience – supporting your students’ education at a time and place that works for you. We’re always looking for ways to help parents achieve this and we’re glad to announce two new features that we think will make using EdPlace even more flexible. Continue reading “Available now: Auto Assign improvements and Auto-save on worksheets”

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